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The late Gopatha Brahmana 1. Since these seven rishis were also among the primary seven rishis, who were considered to be the ancestors of the Gotras of Brahmins , the birth of these rishis was mythicized. In ancient Indian astronomy , the constellation of the Big Dipper Ursa Major is called saptarishi, with the seven stars representing seven rishis, namely "Vashistha", " Marichi ", " Pulastya ", " Pulaha ", "Atri", " Angiras " and " Kratu ". There is another star slightly visible within it, known as " Arundhati ". Arundhati is the wife of Vashistha.

Vashishtha and Arundhati together form the Mizar double. Saptarishis are the hierarchy working under the guidance of the highest creative intelligence, Paramatma. They bring down to the earth the required knowledge and energies to strengthen the processes of transition pralaya. They are naturally the most evolved 'light beings' in the creation and the guardians of the divine laws. Each Manvantara is ruled by a specific Manu. Later on, Vayu ascends the throne of Brahma and the process of creation thus begins again after the mahapralaya great destruction of the universe , Rishis and their sons are born anew in each new Manvantara according to the Vishnu Purana.

The Saptarishis keep changing for every Manvantara. Over all, 4,, years termed as 1 Chaturyuga. The valid avatar's clan will be named after Ashvamedh.


Interview with Kapiel Raaj Jyotish Star September by Simon Chokoisky

At the end of every four ages there is a disappearance of the Vedas and it is the province of the seven Rishis to come down upon earth from heaven to give them currency again. The Shatapatha Brahmana and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 2. In Jainism it is stated that, "Once at Mathura situated in Uttar Pradesh Seven Riddhidhari Digamber saints having 'Aakaashgamini Vidhya' came during the rainy season for chaturmaas whose names were 1. Surmanyu, 2. Shrimanyu, 3. Shrinichay, 4. Sarvasundar, 5. Jayvaan, 6. Vinaylaala and 7. Firstly, the ascendant is Capricorn. Secondly, the Moon is in Gemini and in the 6 th house.

Cycles in the Sky and in the Human Body

Thirdly, Saturn and Mars occupy their own houses. Moreover, a cursory glance shows that the jataka suffers from Sakata dosha as the moon is in the 8 th house from Jupiter. Also, the lordships of the bhavas differ. Above all, the lagna lord stays in his own house. From this example, we can realize why the rules laid down by the sages do not work in a sidereal chart if they were indeed meant for a tropical chart. As a result, the astrologers, through the centuries, would have tweaked the rules based on their experience with a sidereal chart.

However, upon finding that the rules expounded by the sages did not produce the expected results, they would have altered the rules to conform to a sidereal zodiac. After I came across Saptarishi Nadi, I realized that the saptarishis used a tropical zodaic. However, humanity lost this knowledge during Kali yuga. Later, the traditional astrologers in India started using a sidereal zodiac. Therefore, the classical astrological books we have now may not be authentic.

In my humble quest to learn authentic astrology as practised by the rishis, I have chosen to write on Saptarishi Nadi and Pulippani astrology as I find these to be authentic, unsullied by the ravages of time. I will be writing on the authentic rules as discussed by the saptarishis in Saptarishi Nadi in my blog. Hi respectable sir may I know whether are you using tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras that means — 1st to 4th padam of Utthirattathi natchathiram, 1st to 4th padam of Revathi natchathiram and only the 1st padam of Ashvini natchathiram falls in Mesham Rasi or are you using tropical zodiac system without making any changes which is totally based on the Jagannath Hora Software Mesha Rasi still has 1st to 4th padam of Ashvini natchathiram, 1st to 4th padam of Bharani natchathiram and the 1st padam of Karthigai natchathiram?

I use tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras, as I found out that the saptarishis used a tropical zodiac.


Jagannatha Hora software allows tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras to be set. I have explained how to set it up in JHora software in this post. As of now, Utthirattathi, Revathi, and 1st patham of Ashvini fall in Mesham, as you have mentioned. Hope this helps. Good day sir, which panchangam is correct to calculate the planetary positions Vakyam or Thirukanitham for the use of Tropical Zodiacs with Sidereal Nakshatras? The short answer is neither.

Let me explain.

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Vakyam plots the planetary positions based on the slokas written by our ancestors. Therefore, all the available panchangams follow sidereal zodiac. Only few software support tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras, and one of them is Jagannatha Hora, which is free to use. Refer to the earlier comment for setting it up.

The saptarishis used Vimshottari dasa system and no other, for sure. If you refer to the saptarishi nadi page, you will find a link to the book on aries ascendant collection. If you can understand Tamil, you can see it for yourself. I remember finding a mention of navamsa in one of the verses.

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It is the only legitimate system our ancestors followed. With the onset of kali yuga, that knowledge should have been lost.


More about this has been explained in one of my posts. Good evening sir, are the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also considered by our Saptarishis? I have read aries and virgo ascendant collections, but a planet being retrograde has not been mentioned even once. You are free to draw your conclusions. Our saptarishis talk only about 7 planets and rahu and ketu.

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Even the known Sanskrit classics do not talk about other outer planets. So that should answer your question. Sir, What are the differences between tropical zodiac and sidereal zodiac? Which between both the tropical zodiac and sidereal zodiac follows the Axial Precession of the Equinoxes? Kindly take a pen and paper. Well, now draw a circle. A circle has no starting point and ending point.

Now if i tell you to divide the circle into 12 equal parts, you have to START the first segment somewhere. We all know the zodiac starts with Aries. So far so good. But where to mark the starting point of Aries? What will you do? One of your friends says that she will start it where the nakshatra constellation of stars Ashvini starts. Her name is Ms. Your other friend, Ms. Tropical, says she will start it when the duration of the day and night is equal equinox, specifically March equinox. This point on the circle keeps changing every year due to the precession of the equinoxes.

You let both of them have their way. So now you have Ms. The whole world follows Ms. Sidereal, is still adamant. She uses the ephemeris published by Ms. This is the end of this story. Her zodiac always starts from that point, no matter what.