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And, very importantly, do you and your partner s share the same vision of the future? Mercury is in philosophical Sagittarius, a sign that is all about big dreams and visions. If you and your partners are not aiming for similar goals, what will that mean for your relationships—not only your romantic ones, but friendly, professional and creative partnerships as well?

Lovely Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, enters sexy and seductive Scorpio on December 4. This is a lucky placement, Pisces, being that both you and Scorpio are Water signs. Venus and Scorpio together creates an interesting vibe: Venus is sweet, but Scorpio's a little sour. As the sign of transformation, death, and rebirth, Scorpio's positive traits are that it's psychic, creative, emotional, and deep, but it has a negative side, too: Jealous and obsessive, Scorpios are famous bridge burners.

Pisces Decan 2

Venus in Scorpio is a passionate and intense energy, and you should have some fun with it, Pisces. Venus will be activating the part of your chart that rules adventure and exploration, travel and higher learning. Publishing or getting yourself "out there" is also a huge theme for this astrological transit. While romance is obviously a huge theme with Venus and yes, you will be getting lots of love this month , the mental boost Venus in perceptive Scorpio will provide you with will be phenomenal.

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4. And, obviously, romance! Mercury also changes signs, entering Earth sign Capricorn on December 9, which will increase communication between you and your social network.

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Expect to make plenty of connections over the next few weeks! This will be a really fun transit, Pisces— while you love to party, sometimes you can be a shy or quiet sign.

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You'll be feeling more confident and talkative with chatty Mercury in no-bullshit Capricorn. This is a great time to make new friends and connect with new groups of people. Warrior Mars opposes rebel Uranus on December This will be a stressful day; people will act hastily and everyone will be in the mood to fight. Issues around money will also pop up for you, Pisces. You may feel pushed to spend money, or impulsive behavior could make you feel super tense about your financial or material security. If you have friends or partners who aren't sharing with you, you will feel like it's really, totally unfair, and today you could reach your breaking point.

Pisces Horoscope - Pisces Weekly Horoscope From 10th December 2018

While you're one of the most generous signs in the zodiac, today will be the wrong day to fuck with you and your wallet. Today could also be emotionally draining, especially if you're in a relationship where you feel unappreciated or used. The face-off between Mars and Uranus will push you to a place where you have to confront the issue. December isn't all stress!

December 2014 Horoscope: Predictions for Pisces

The next day is lovely: Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune, a dreamy, whimsical planet that's currently in your sign, on December This will be such a freeing vibe—the negativity from the previous day will be healed and washed away. This is a great day to reconnect with yourself and your goals.

You'll be able to express yourself effectively, and you'll feel like nothing is holding you back.

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The New Moon in Sagittarius also occurs on December This is fantastic for creating a fresh start in your career or around your reputation! The 11th is lovely. Clean it up, Pisces! Venus also clashes with Neptune on December 10, again finding you feeling Mercury about which way to move ahead. During this time, watch out for paranoid thinking or trickery. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and illusion—but also of delusion. Warrior planet Mars enters fellow Water sign Scorpio on December 9, inspiring you to be in an adventurous mood over the next few weeks.

The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 18, encouraging you to create a quiet space for yourself to go within and reflect on your goals, especially professionally and around your reputation. Who do you want to be remembered as, Pisces?

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New moons mark the beginning of a new cycle, so this is a perfect occasion for you to commit to a new plan concerning your career or your life in public. One of the most important days to note on your calendar this month I mean, if you even own a calendar, who knows with you, Pisces is December 19, when Saturn enters Capricorn. Expect to become more seriously involved with your community over the next two and a half years. This is a superb time to join a group, community, or learn more about activism.

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The winter solstice marks the beginning of Capricorn season on December 21, which will find you spending time networking socially and professionally over the next month, as well as getting involved with your community.